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AfroTech Metaverse What is AfroTech Metaverse ? NEW 2022 **

AfroTech Metaverse What is AfroTech Metaverse ? NEW 2022 **

November 15, 2022 08:07
AfroTech Metaverse What is AfroTech Metaverse ? NEW 2022 **



AfroTech Metaverse

AfroTech World is a virtual world created by Blavity. The platform is owned by eXp World Holdings. It is a digital platform for promoting products. AfroTech’s sponsors included GoDaddy and PayPal. But unlike other virtual worlds, AfroTech sponsors don’t have the option of creating virtual billboards or display ads. This limited their ability to make a lasting impression on attendees. To compensate, they chose to post a flash mob near their virtual booth, and they also used social media ahead of time.

AfroTech Metaverse

AfroTech Metaverse


AFROTECH World was a virtual conference held by AfroTech, a technology platform devoted to the Black community. For the second year, the company teamed up with virtual event developer Virbela to create an immersive environment. The attendees could create avatars, walk around campus, kick soccer balls, and grab seats at conference sessions.

The AFROTECH conference has grown into the largest multicultural tech conference in the United States. It brings together entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, tech recruiters, and culture enthusiasts. Attendees can network with companies, attend sessions, and participate in on-site interviews.

Blavity’s AFROTECH World metaverse

The AFROTECH World metaverse is a virtual world where participants can participate in a number of events, including gaming events and fundraising strategies for Black women in tech. This immersive digital experience was built by Blavity, a multimedia company that owns AFROTECH, 21Ninety, Shadow and Act, and Blavity News. The event’s theme is “Endless Opportunities” and will feature speakers, sessions, and interactive games.

This multi-day, digital experience will focus on networking and recruitment through keynote speaker digital activations, as well as programming stages and an Expo Hall. In the virtual world, attendees can meet and network with industry leaders, including Blavity’s CEO, Morgan DeBaun.

Blavity’s eXp World Holdings’ virtual world platform

Blavity, a San Francisco-based media company, has partnered with eXp World Holdings to launch a fully customized virtual world platform. This new platform will be called AfroTech World, and it will feature everything that a traditional in-person conference would include. It will also allow users to create and manage their own avatars.

eXp World Holdings’ business is built on the same virtual world platform that powers Facebook and Snapchat. This platform allows business owners, investors, and users to create, manage, and market products from one platform. This makes it possible for companies to offer their own custom experiences and build new business models.

DJ Criddy

During AFROTECH’s World Metaverse Event, which will run for two days in November, attendees can participate in gaming events, learn about jobs in technology, and fundraise for Black women. DJ Criddy is a featured performer. Other notable guests include CoCo & Breezy, the first Black female video game developer, and Black women in tech.

CoCo & Breezy

AFROTECH is a technology and wealth building platform for the Black community. Earlier this year, the organization hosted its second annual conference virtually through its metaverse. This immersive experience allowed participants to create their own avatars, roam the conference campus, kick soccer balls, and grab a seat at a conference session.

They’ve made it a point to include attendees from all backgrounds at their conferences. They’ve worked hard to improve the onboarding experience, which led to an increase in ticket revenue and sponsorship deals. These are good signs that attendees are willing to adopt a metaverse.

Lack of diversity

There’s a serious lack of diversity in the tech industry, especially among tech CEOs. Recent reports have shown that only 7 percent of computer workers of color and 8 percent of Hispanic workers hold tech-related roles. This lack of diversity in the metaverse may create new challenges for the tech industry and the people who work there. The same is true for social media platforms, where studies have shown that minors are regularly exposed to racist and violent rhetoric.

While the tech industry has been largely unwelcoming to black people, companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are taking steps to support and promote black content creators. Facebook, for example, is now spending $1 billion a year on diverse suppliers, with $100 million going to Black-owned businesses. However, while these changes are welcome, there’s a need for more diverse representation in the tech industry.

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