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Bloktopia Metaverse NEW 2022 **

Bloktopia Metaverse NEW 2022 **

September 27, 2022 19:26
Bloktopia Metaverse NEW 2022 **



Bloktopia Metaverse

Bloktopia is a project in development to create a virtual universe. The idea is to create a multi-player game where players can interact with one another. This can be done through the use of BLOK tokens. The project’s team is comprised of qualified actors from several fields, including PlayStation and Sky Vegas. Despite being in early development, the team has made some progress in the establishment of the Metaverse. For instance, the team has built a squad, finished the script, and designed Reblok NFTs.

BLOK token

In Bloktopia metaverse, players can buy and sell goods and services using BLOK tokens. These tokens have different functions. Some are used as currency while others are used as utility tokens. For example, players can buy and sell items and services with BLOKs, while others can use them as advertising funds.

To buy and sell BLOK tokens, Bloktopians can purchase and sell them using the Bloktopia NFT Land Sale Portal. These tokens are required for purchasing real estate and purchasing goods and services in Bloktopia. In addition, they are used for staking and purchasing in-game items.

BLOK is the foundational cryptocurrency token for the Bloktopia metaverse. It powers all the platform’s operations. In addition, the developer plans to launch a land sale portal so that users can browse different levels of the platform and decide whether to purchase a piece of real estate or not. This will allow users to assess the profitability factor and pricing before making any investment. By exploring the VR land sales portal, users will also be able to find out about new and unique properties and real estate. The real estate prices increase as you go higher.

BLOK platform

Bloktopia is a blockchain startup that has built a strong team of industry veterans. Its leaders have decades of experience in the crypto, tech, and film sectors. The Blok team includes co-founders Paddy Carrol and Ross Tavakoli, as well as chief technology officer Simon Benson.

The BLOK platform in the bloktopian metaverse features a gaming floor where you can compete for the highest score and win BLOKs, the currency of the metaverse. There are numerous games to choose from, ranging from child-friendly competitions to R18 rated games. The gaming floor also hosts a variety of crypto-related events. Those who attend these events are rewarded with BLOK.

Another feature of Bloktopia is its virtual real estate market. In this market, you can buy and sell REBLOKs, which will generate a lot of revenue for the developers. Moreover, you can also purchase a totem and earn 50% of the ad revenue from it. This way, you can enjoy passive income without even spending any of your own time.

BLOK games

Bloktopia is a cyberpunk-inspired, first-person virtual reality game that allows players to spend BLOK tokens on items. They can spend the tokens on everything from art to advertising. Bloktopia also allows users to socialize and play games in the first-person environment. BLOK can also be used to purchase land assets.

In order to participate in Bloktopia, players are required to create a digital wallet to store their BLOKs and information about their digital assets. This wallet also serves as a digital passport that allows users to access the different areas in the game. Users are able to enjoy the level 21 gaming area, retail stores, immersive presentations, and more.

In addition to creating an ecosystem for BLOK games, Bloktopia is also integrating the blockchain ecosystem. It will feature a virtual headquarter where players can interact with each other. The metaverse will also feature a new game that players can participate in.


There are numerous ways to make money on the Bloktopia metaverse. First, you can earn BLOK APYs by purchasing items in the virtual world. Bloktopia offers an educational experience that will teach users about the cryptocurrency world. Secondly, you can earn BLOKs by investing in the game. The price of Bloktopia tokens will rise and fall depending on the current market conditions and the amount of supply in circulation.

Bloktopia is a virtual world that is run by the Polygon Network. The game will have multiple revenue streams including virtual real estate and advertising fees. It will also allow users to earn from staking. Users can also invest in the market to earn BLOKs.

BLOK is the official cryptocurrency of the Bloktopia metaverse. It is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. It can be purchased in the marketplace and sold in multiple play. BLOK tokens will be used for various activities, including real estate and events. In addition to that, the BLOK token will also be used to purchase speculative digital wearables.

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