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Metaverse Consulting NEW 2022**

Metaverse Consulting NEW 2022**

September 20, 2022 14:55
Metaverse Consulting NEW 2022**



Metaverse Consulting Partners With Accenture and Deloitte

Metaverse Consulting is an innovative firm that helps enterprises to build and operate digitally enabled applications. Its services extend from developing business strategies to delivering specialized services for different industries. With its headquarters in Miami and developer center in Europe, this company provides a wide range of blockchain, NFT, healthcare, marketplace, and social software solutions. Its clients benefit from its responsiveness, flexibility, and adherence to industry standards.

Accenture’s Metaverse Continuum Group

Accenture’s Metaverse Continuity Group is a new business unit that’s focusing on digitally enhanced worlds, realities, and business models. The company believes that embracing these new applied sciences and leveraging the benefits they can offer will lead to breakthroughs in business and technology.

Its focus is on digitally enhanced worlds and experiences, and it will integrate cloud, blockchain, and edge technologies. It will also explore how businesses can use metaverse for business purposes, such as employee experience and training. It will also offer CFOs guidance on how to invest in these new technologies.

The new business will provide technology and consulting solutions for companies that are looking to make the most of the metaverse. The firm will also introduce clients to the world of metaverse learning, experience, and operations. The company recently published a report, Meet in the Metaverse, which found that 71 per cent of tech leaders believe the metaverse will impact their business in some way.


For businesses in the digital age, Metaverse Consulting‘s Interexy team can help. They specialize in web 3.0 technology and have developed a range of projects for major brands and global corporations. The team’s expertise lies in web design and development, NFT marketplaces, and AI-driven technologies.

The company’s clients include GE, SAP, and Pampers. They offer high-quality web 3.0 marketing and back-end development services. Interexy is listed as one of the Best Blockchain App Development Companies in Dubai. It has partnered with Sandbox and Lil Durk NFT Drop. Their services are highly adaptable and responsive. They adhere to industry standards and have developed software and tools that enable them to connect with their users in new ways.


Metaverse Consulting works with Mobiloite, a leading Full Service Software Development company that specializes in Blockchain, IoT, BOTS, mobile, and web development. The company emphasizes performance, timeliness, and security in their projects. They work with start-ups and large businesses, and boast 500+ team members.

The team has extensive experience in developing AI solutions for companies and individuals. They work with clients from conception to deployment of their AI solutions. They also offer extensive AI module libraries and pre-trained models that are customized to specific industry needs. Throughout the process, the team can offer customized training and consulting services.

Metaverse technology involves the convergence of multiple technologies and the proliferation of data, content, and knowledge. These technologies can create a rich three-dimensional environment for users, with the ability to interact with the environment and other users.


Deloitte’s new partnership with Metaverse will allow the consultancy to offer new services to clients that will help them make the most of the new virtual environment. By combining the company’s Center for AI Computing technology with NVIDIA’s Omniverse Enterprise platform, Deloitte will help enterprises create immersive virtual and augmented reality environments. This partnership will help these enterprises create collaborative experiences for their customers.

Deloitte’s latest offering, called “Unlimited Reality”, focuses on the integration of virtual reality and augmented/virtual reality. It enables clients to design and market test their virtual services and experiences through advanced artificial intelligence, Internet of Things architecture, and 5G connectivity. It also serves as a combined physical and virtual space and a maker engine for new virtual services.


NVIDIA has released a new virtual reality environment called the Omniverse, which is an immersive environment where teams can collaborate on a variety of software applications. The technology was recently released as an open beta and has already been downloaded by over 50,000 creators. In addition to enabling the creation of virtual art, the Omniverse platform also enables organizations to collaborate across various departments and different locations.

The NVIDIA Omniverse ecosystem is a growing network of industry-leading applications. These applications are being used in industries as diverse as robotics, gaming, and grocery.

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