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Metaverse Game Studios Inc NEW 2022 **

Metaverse Game Studios Inc NEW 2022 **

August 18, 2022 06:04
Metaverse Game Studios Inc NEW 2022 **



Metaverse Game Studios Announces Angelic, Horizon Worlds, and My Neighbor Alice

The company Metaverse has been working to create a new way for people to interact in the virtual world since 2010. The developer has already made some impressive games, including Angelic, Illuvium, My Neighbor Alice, and Horizon Worlds. Read on to learn more about these games. And be sure to check out our reviews of the new ones. We hope you enjoy them! Let us know if you’ve played any of them!


Having raised $10 million from leading industry investors, Metaverse Game Studios is ready to launch its first major title: Angelic. This sci-fi game is an RPG that features strategic turn-based combat and allows players to create and trade NFTs. Players can also participate in multiplayer mode to fight against colony forces and forge alliances. In addition, Angelic allows users to use cryptocurrency to make payments in-game.

Angelic combines turn-based strategy combat with a narrative RPG. Blockchain technology supports the game’s collaborative science-fiction setting. Players must work together to shape the massive conflict raging in the Angelic universe. It isn’t just about combat; players will also have to navigate a dark and dangerous world. Angelic offers free demos to all users, so you can see how well it fits your gaming style.


Metaverse game studios inc., which develops the popular open-world RPG Illuvium, is the team behind the game. The game is based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses illuvials as currency. The more powerful an illuvial is, the higher its value in digital currency. The game has been praised by critics and is reportedly rated “A” by The Verge.

Illuvium is described as a hybrid of open-world exploration and PVP battle game. Players will have the opportunity to explore a fantasy world and gather powerful beasts that can assist them in combat. The game is in development since 2020 and boasts more than 40 people working from all over the world. Its team includes Kain Warwick’s cousin, Aaron Warwick.

My Neighbor Alice

Players can buy virtual land from Alice, a neighboring character in the game, and decorate it to suit their personal preferences. In the game, plots are represented by trees, animals, and plants. To enhance the game experience, players can perform experiments on the virtual land plots and discover new combinations of in-game tools. The game is set to feature a reputation system that rewards players for being good landowners.

My Neighbor Alice is a multi-player metaverse game in which players can buy and sell virtual land and interact with their neighbors. Players can even participate in activities and share them with their neighbors to earn rewards. Some of these activities include farming, fishing, beekeeping, and gathering flowers and insects. In addition, there are opportunities to take part in competitions and activities. The game is free to play and supports up to four players at a time.

Horizon Worlds

Before the public rollout in December, Horizon Worlds was in private beta. With this world-building game, players can design their own environments and play virtual games in legless avatars. This week, Meta announced that more than 10,000 worlds have been created on its platform. Users in its private Facebook community now number more than 20,000. Script blocks are essentially behavioral chains. For example, a script block holding a basketball may interact with code blocks that control the physics of the basketball net, triggering a change in the score.

While these fees may not be comparable to those charged by the Apple App Store, they are significantly higher than Meta’s. Founder Mark Zuckerberg has publicly criticized Apple for its in-app purchase fee, and Meta has sought to help metaverse creators avoid it. The company also recently set up a $10 million fund to fund co-op games for Horizon Worlds users. The developers have also partnered with several brands in the game, including Gucci and Chipotle.


It’s clear that the metaverse is the new hotness in gaming. Epic Games’ CCO talked about it in an interview with 2021. In the latest funding round, Sony contributed $200 million. And the company continues to invest in the game. They’ve worked together to create single-player missions and environmental storytelling. Additionally, they’ve developed non-player characters. Now, they’re collaborating on creating the ultimate metaverse.

In recent years, Fortnite has evolved into an online social space. It has even hosted concerts and comic stories. It has also honored sportspeople and content creators. As Fortnite continues to grow in popularity, the metaverse concept is becoming a popular buzzword in gaming. In a metaverse, users participate in a virtual environment using their real-life presence. Epic Games Inc.’s Fortnite has already created a vibrant community, one that rivals the popularity of rivals like Microsoft Corp.’s Minecraft and Roblox Corp.’s eponymous title. However, the company is facing stiff competition from Nvidia Corp. and Facebook.

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