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Metaverse Project Metaverse History Metaverse NFT 2022**

Metaverse Project Metaverse History Metaverse NFT 2022**

Metaverse NFT Metaverse History

March 29, 2022 20:14
Metaverse Project Metaverse History Metaverse NFT 2022**



Metaverse History

Metaverse is the first public blockchain project in China. It was launched in early 2016 by Eric Gu, the founder of Viewfin, who has since been nicknamed “China’s Ethereum Founder”. Ever since its launch, Metaverse has consistently pioneered innovative ideas and applications. The 1st Smart ANT and the 1st Smart Token (Smart Huawei Coin) were all products of Metaverse.

Metaverse NFT

The Metaverse Foundation, creator of the Metaverse Blockchain, an NFT and DeFi platform, announces the public debut of its NFT marketplace, MASK, on May 7 following a successful beta launch in April. MASK begins with a focus on collectibles, with arts-themed NFTs including Metaverse Founder Eric Gu’s first art sale in association with Moonak. Also going live is the Metaverse NFT presale, launching with 100 limited edition decks of “What Will You Acheive?” magic playing cards created by David Blaine.

The Metaverse NFT is a collection of cryptocurrency coins created by Metaverse Labs. The NFT is a cryptocurrency platform that allows people to use virtual wallets and transfer coins using the Ethereum blockchain and Metaverse’s internal transactions system.

Metaverse Project

Metaverse is a Smart tokenization protocol engineered for mainstream adoption with user friendly product offerings. Metaverse will be the first NFT protocol to offer free and easy minting of NFTs to any ERC20 wallet. The DARC smart contract engine allows for permissionless lending of ERC20 tokens for on-chain collateralization. Metaverse products have been engineered to provide decentralized access to the most important aspects of digital ownership and financial access.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been created to provide a digital passport, and track the creation, ownership and verification of virtual assets. As the digital world becomes more prevalent in our lives, there is a greater need for these virtual tokens to be used as trusted, decentralized identifiers. NFTs that exist on the Metaverse blockchain are known as ‘avatars’ and can prove ownership of an item, store information about an asset, or simply act as a redeemable gift code for use in virtual worlds. There are four different types of avatars: “Templates” can be used to generate other avatars; “Smart Properties” can represent real-world assets; “Avatar Cards” have special in-game attributes; and “Other Avatars” are only limited by the imagination of their creators


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