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New OpenAI Plugins Allow ChatGPT to Connect To The Internet

New OpenAI Plugins Allow ChatGPT to Connect To The Internet

April 3, 2023 06:31
New OpenAI Plugins Allow ChatGPT to Connect To The Internet



New OpenAI Plugins Allow ChatGPT to Connect To The Internet

OpenAI, makers of the popular ChatGPT chatbot, has released a series of experimental plugins that enable it to connect to the internet. This new capability greatly enhances ChatGPT’s capabilities and addresses one major drawback.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT

This extension could streamline tasks like shopping and planning travel without the need to visit multiple websites for research. Currently, the feature is in alpha testing and available to a select group of users; access will gradually be extended to more developers and ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

Web Browser

OpenAI, a US-based artificial intelligence (AI) firm, has finally released ChatGPT plugins that enable bots to connect to the internet. These features are currently available in Alpha to select developers and customers who have subscribed to their premium ChatGPT Plus plan.

ChatGPT now has access to the internet through a new web browser plugin, providing them with an expansive knowledge base that goes beyond their training data.

ChatGPT had previously been limited in its knowledge of dates and events that occurred prior to September 2021. Now, with this feature, it can retrieve information from the web and use that to answer user inquiries more efficiently.

Users will be able to install plugins from within the ChatGPT app itself. Initially, 11 plugins will be available, including tools that let users book flights and hotels through e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Klarna and Instacart; plus travel search engines like Expedia and KAYAK.

The new plugins also include a code interpreter. This plugin offers an interactive Python interpreter in both a secure, firewalled environment as well as some temporary disc space. According to the company, this will allow ChatGPT to perform calculations and access third-party services seamlessly.

Code Interpreter

ChatGPT can now connect to the internet thanks to new OpenAI plugins. These enable the chatbot to access up-to-date data, run computations and utilize third-party services.

These plugins will enable the ChatGPT to extend its knowledge base, enabling it to make decisions on your behalf based on information not previously accessible during training. According to OpenAI, this new capability enables the chatbot “access up-to-date data that is too recent, too personal, or too specific for its training data.”

ChatGPT can access plugins developed by third-party sites like Expedia, KAYAK, Instacart and Milo to book flights, hotel rooms and even order takeout for you.

Additionally, the Shop plugin enables GPT to search for products from various global brands and compare prices. Furthermore, the OpenTable plugin enables ChatGPT to locate restaurants near you and reserve tables with just one click.

OpenAI is releasing these plugins gradually and will be monitoring for real-world usage, safety and alignment issues. At present, they’re only making them available to a select number of developers and ChatGPT Plus users; if you would like to be one of them, sign up for their waitlist!

Retrieval Plugin

OpenAI has officially unveiled a set of plugins that will enable its ChatGPT chatbot to connect to the internet for the first time. This enables it to retrieve information, interact with third-party websites and carry out other tasks beyond what its language model can handle.

On March 23, the company announced a “limited” alpha phase for their new feature. It is currently only accessible to select developers and ChatGPT Plus subscribers; however, they have stated their intentions of expanding access in the future to more developers.

ChatGPT uses this plugin to search and synthesize data from the web in order to provide better answers. It also cites its sources so users can confirm where the information came from.

ChatGPT now supports a host of new use cases, from booking flights to ordering food. The first partners who have developed plugins for ChatGPT include travel search engines Expedia and KAYAK as well as e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Klarna and Instacart.

Although having access to the internet is a welcome development, it also poses potential risks for AI systems. According to OpenAI, web-enabled ChatGPTs have been known to quote from unreliable sources or inflate their information with offensive material. To address this problem, they say they’ve implemented several safeguards informed by internal and external red teams.

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