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What Is Metaverse (COMMENT) ? Metaverse World ? Metaverse Company ?

What Is Metaverse (COMMENT) ? Metaverse World ? Metaverse Company ?

Metaverse ?

March 29, 2022 20:21
What Is Metaverse (COMMENT) ? Metaverse World ? Metaverse Company ?



What is Metaverse?
METAVERSE that has moved the world lately and allows cards to be redistributed in the virtual world? The word METAVERSE was coined by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 science fiction novel “Snow Crash”.

Metaverse promises to create a virtual public space. In this respect, the concept is seen as the future of the internet.

The first city to enter this artificial universe called the Metaverse is the city of Seoul.

The METAVERSE universe, which is a new platform that will push the limits of technology and our mind in a digital and augmented reality virtual universe, is actively used by large and small businesses today. Meetings, concerts, organizations are organized by users and providers, and it is anticipated that all these organizations will take place entirely in the METAVERSE universe in the coming years. In fact, this is what one of the managing partners of Epyllion Industries said about the METAVERSE universe. “We are now at the pinnacle of the next internet”

When Does the Metaverse Enter Our Lives?

Although the METAVERSE universes are actively manifesting themselves today, it is said that it may take 5-10 years for them to be fully active in our lives. Access is currently available with Virtual Reality Glasses (VR) and computers with broadband speeds. Permanent access to these accessible worlds is possible.

Relationship of Companies with Metaverse;

To talk about companies investing in the Metaverse universe, Facebook will of course come first with its new name META. The companies that can be seen later and set an example for other companies will be Microsoft and Epyllion Industries. Not only that, there are companies that open their own virtual stores in the Metaverse universe. These are; There are many companies such as H&M, ARMANI, LAWSON, and companies such as these that can be examples are increasing every day.

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