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Adidas Originals Into the Metaverse Phase 1 NEW 2022 **

Adidas Originals Into the Metaverse Phase 1 NEW 2022 **

November 7, 2022 07:37
Adidas Originals Into the Metaverse Phase 1 NEW 2022 **



adidas Originals Into the Metaverse Phase 1

Adidas Originals is teaming up with digital currency pioneers gmoney and PUNKS Comic to launch the Into the Metaverse program, which will provide exclusive collaborative physical merchandise and ongoing digital utility. Phase one of this program is scheduled to launch in April/May 2022, and will be followed by phases two and three. The phased system is designed to increase clarity on the secondary market, as buyers will always know which physical product claim each NFT can be eligible for.

adidas originals into the metaverse phase 1

Adidas Originals Into The Metaverse Phase 1

Into the Metaverse NFT

If you’ve been following the NFT craze on social media, you’ve probably heard about adidas’ latest collaboration with Prada. Unlike the ITM NFT collection, this collaboration looks different. In addition to adidas, other luxury fashion brands are also filing trademarks in the metaverse, including Gucci, Burberry, Balmain, and others. Earlier this year, Gmoney was flown to Prada’s Fall/Winter 2022 men’s fashion show, where he showcased the NFT. After the show, he posted a photo of himself and the techno DJ Richi Hawtin, with a Prada-branded NFT.

Despite this change in the format of the NFT, it still has collector value. It’s unclear whether this update will affect the value of ITM NFTs on the secondary market. However, Adidas has announced an exclusive giveaway of 200 Alpha Passes to ITM holders. The Alpha Pass will enable holders to take part in the second phase of The SandBox’ Alpha season.

The adidas into the metaverse project began with an NFT sale, which was followed by a teaser on the Bored Ape’s website. Later, Gmoney and Punks Comic teased the Adidas collaboration, and on December 17th, the first NFTs were released. Adidas has continued to follow up on its collaboration with Punks Comic and Gmoney, and will release a second collection of NFTs in the near future.

Product claim period

For those of you who aren’t aware, the adidas Originals into the Metaverse is a game that allows players to trade digital currency for real tangible goods. In this game, Adidas partners with gmoney, Punks Comic, and the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Once you purchase NFTs from these partners, you’ll have access to exclusive products and merchandise. The game’s NFT system functions much like a membership pass. The NFT you buy will allow you to buy the real stuff, such as adidas apparel and accessories.

Those who have purchased NFTs from Into the Metaverse will have until tomorrow to claim their physical items. Then, if you haven’t burned your NFT yet, you’ll have to wait until April or May 2022 to receive Phase 2 NFTs. During this period, you’ll be able to purchase tracksuits, hoodies, and beanies.

During the product claim period, you’ll be able to buy a graphic hoodie, gmoney beanie, and a tracksuit. However, it’s important to remember that you’ll have to claim all four products for each ITM NFT before you’re eligible to claim the items.

Eligibility to proceed to Phase 2

Adidas ITM‘s roadmap hasn’t been released yet, but the community has been promised exclusive physical merch, such as an adicolor Firebird tracksuit and a PUNKS Comic graphic hoodie. The ITM NFT holder can order one physical product and burn one ERC-1155 NFT from their wallet to claim it. They will receive a Phase 2 ITM token in return.

The first phase of the adidas originals ITM will be available to Into the Metaverse NFT holders on April/May 2022. The company has taken snapshots of holders’ digital wallets on Dec. 14. In addition, Adidas is reserving 20,000 NFTs for the early access sale. The remaining 380 NFTs will be reserved for future events. The first wave of the ITM NFTs will be shipped to holders in May, while the next wave will be delivered in November.

The adidas originals strategy emphasizes performance, quality and design. It also emphasizes sustainability and respect for workers and the environment. This strategy makes adidas originals a global leader in sportswear and other accessories.

Rewards for ITM NFT holders

A metaverse is a digital world where you can interact with other users. It can be used to play games or to exchange items. The Adidas into the Metaverse collection features wearables and virtual experiences that can be found in the metaverse. It has gained a huge amount of hype and is expected to perform even better in the second phase. For now, however, there are no details available about how to obtain a Metaverse account.

Adidas Into the Metaverse was first launched last December in collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, PUNKS Comics, and Gmoney. It was launched with a price of 0.2 ETH or $790. There is no guarantee of the price, but the first phase of Into the Metaverse is already up and running.

With this initial phase of the project, Adidas is planning to expand the utility of its NFT tokens and offer perks to the community. While a large amount of perks is currently planned, these will be rolled out gradually, as the NFT is like a ticket.

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