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Metaverse Rihanna Fenty Beauty

Metaverse Rihanna Fenty Beauty

April 1, 2022 06:12
Metaverse Rihanna Fenty Beauty



Metaverse Rihanna and Fenty Beauty

The megastar is planning to take her Fenty Beauty brand into the world of the metaverse. This move comes at the right time, as the cryptocurrencies are gaining a lot of traction. In the Metaverse, you can interact with other people and buy, sell, and socialize. Already, many big brands have stated their interest in the new world of virtual products. In fact, they’ve even filed for a trademark to sell virtual cosmetics.

Although Rihanna hasn’t given us much information about the new brand, we know that she’s interested in selling cosmetics and hair products through the metaverse. She’s already filed for a trademark for the brand, but she has not revealed the exact nature of her goals. However, she’s expected to reveal more details in the next few days. She has also filed for a trademark for the brand, so the future of the virtual world is up in the air.

Earlier this year, Rihanna filed for a trademark for a line of virtual cosmetics and hair-care products. She has also applied for a trademark for her brand. The company has a patent for a line of non-downloadable virtual goods. Meanwhile, her other famous beauty lines include Fenty Hair, Gucci, and Physique 57. It’s no surprise that she wants to expand into the metaverse.

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