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NFL Enters Roblox Metaverse With Super Bowl Concert

NFL Enters Roblox Metaverse With Super Bowl Concert

February 7, 2023 06:08
NFL Enters Roblox Metaverse With Super Bowl Concert



NFL Enters Roblox Metaverse With Super Bowl Concert

The National Football League (NFL) is entering the Roblox metaverse with a free concert featuring Warner Music Group hip-hop artist Saweetie. The event will be held in Rhythm City, a music-themed social roleplay metaverse experience.

The NFL is also launching Super NFL Tycoon on Roblox, a persistent game experience in collaboration with Intuit. It allows users to build and manage an NFL team through the use of Intuit’s financial technology products.

Roblox Metaverse NFL

Roblox Metaverse NFL


The National Football League will enter the Roblox metaverse for the first time this week with a virtual Super Bowl concert featuring hip-hop artist Saweetie. The free concert will take place on the massively popular multiplayer online game on February 10.

Fans can attend Rhythm City, a new music-themed social roleplay experience on Roblox, and watch the performance in real time. It will be replayed every hour, and is a part of the NFL’s effort to get younger people interested in professional football.

The NFL is also launching a metaverse experience, NFL Tycoon, that will let users draft and build a team on the popular platform. The experience is sponsored by Intuit and will help players navigate the experience of owning an NFL team. Intuit’s products will help them manage team cashflow, payroll and taxes.

Rhythm City

The National Football League is entering the metaverse with the launch of a virtual Super Bowl concert on Roblox. The free concert, featuring the vocal stylings and family-friendly motion-captured movements of hip-hop artist Saweetie, will debut on Friday and be replayed 31 times every hour on the hour until Super Bowl Sunday.

The concert, which is a joint effort between the NFL and Warner Music Group (WMG), will launch in Rhythm City, a music-themed social roleplay metaverse experience created on Roblox by WMG’s label. Rhythm City will introduce players to artists and music through social roleplay, while offering them access to a collection of digital items sold exclusively on Roblox.

The NFL is also launching a metaverse experience called “Super NFL Tycoon,” which will allow users to live out the fantasy of being an NFL team owner. The metaverse game simulates an authentic business experience, from drafting a team and building an “Intuit Stadium,” to managing cash flow, payroll, taxes and customer acquisition with Intuit’s products.

Super NFL Tycoon

The National Football League (NFL) is entering the Roblox Metaverse with the launch of three new experiences. The first is Super NFL Tycoon alongside financial technology company Intuit, which will allow users to be an NFL team owner and practice important financial life skills.

The experience is built on Roblox’s tycoon and simulator genres and is intended to engage fans year-round with virtual experiences and activations tied to NFL events. It will also include “Destruction House,” an interactive event inspired by the highly anticipated NFL Super Bowl LVI commercial.

Players will build and operate an NFL franchise, from drafting a team to managing items such as cash flow, payroll taxes, and customer acquisition. The experience was created in collaboration with Roblox’s metaverse content partner Gamefam.

The second new experience is Rhythm City, a Warner Music Group-themed metaverse area where you can play the role of a music producer or DJ and attend a concert. It is part of the league’s mission to further cement its tradition of content innovation at the Super Bowl and unlock deeper fan engagement.


Intuit, the world’s leading financial software platform, is bringing the NFL into the metaverse with its Super Bowl Concert. The experience is based on Roblox’s “Rhythm City” music-themed social roleplay world, developed in partnership with gaming and content firm Gamefam.

This concert, which will premiere on February 10, demonstrates the NFL’s commitment to facilitating new experiences for artists and audiences in the digital world. Its goal is to help artists connect with fans in a unique way, according to Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer of Business Development for WMG.

The event also marks the first time the NFL has teamed up with Roblox on an immersive metaverse experience. It will include a virtual Super Bowl Concert, called Saweetie, a music-themed social roleplay world on Roblox, and a game titled Super NFL Tycoon. Users can switch between these experiences via a designated portal.

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