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Pirates of The Metaverse Rarity NEW 2023

Pirates of The Metaverse Rarity NEW 2023

February 17, 2023 14:39
Pirates of The Metaverse Rarity NEW 2023



Pirates of the Metaverse Rarity

Drip Studios’ Pirates of The Metaverse are 10,000 digitally unique NFTs about to embark on an unprecedented journey across blockchains. Each Pirate will exist simultaneously across multiple blockchains with identical metadata but distinctive art styles.

Minting an OG Pirate grants you ownership of your multi-dimensional self across all networks we traverse. Holding a full set will become increasingly important as the metaverse expands.

OG Pirates

The metaverse is a future vision of the Internet where virtual worlds become more immersive, believable and interactive. Estimates place this market potential at $1 trillion dollars, with numerous companies already investing in it.

Drip Studios’ Pirates of The Metaverse is an impressive NFT collection. It consists of three 10K NFT collections with matching metadata but distinct art styles, living simultaneously across three blockchain dimensions: ETH, Solana and Flow.

GEN1 Pirates

A group of GEN1 Pirates are fighting to save the metaverse. They’re computer programmers at heart who are determined to wrest control back from an evil AI and restore their virtual universe.

Each GEN1 pirate accumulates a different amount of resources daily, depending on their genesis and attributes. Use these resources to craft or purchase items to recruit a new generation of female pirates (GEN2)!

Additionally, holders of a GEN1 Pirate receive complimentary mints in the SPC game. By actively participating, holders can earn new crew members and advance in their storyline progression.

GEN2 Pirates

The GEN2 Pirates are the pinnacle of collectible NFTs. Each day they generate resources tailored to their genesis and attributes.

The best part is they’re free to mint! Additionally, they come with useful game features like ship supplies, cannonballs and loaded treasure – making them an excellent addition to any collection! Additionally, you can join metaverse events with the Original and Generation One Pirates by minting these coins!

GEN3 Pirates

Salty Pirate Crew is creating a virtual concert space for some of the world’s top DJ’s and musicians to perform. However, access to these parties is only granted to those with a Pirate Key.

Each pirate generates a different amount of resources each day based on their origins and attributes. These funds are used for crafting or purchasing items to recruit a new generation of female pirates, known as GEN2.

GEN4 Pirates

GEN4 Pirates are the next stage in our Saltyverse pet evolution. Their animations are some of the best in-game and even featured in a movie trailer for our metaverse-based spinoff, Salty Pirate Crew (SPC).

The best part is they have an important role to play in our mission to save the virtual universe from AI invasion. With their support, SPC will be able to host events both virtual and real world.


This game offers three-dimensional graphics and skill-focused gameplay, offering players a chance to explore the metaverse while earning profits. A pirate’s ability to sail their ship, battle other pirates, claim rewards, own Metalands and trade NFT pirate ships on the Marketplace will determine their success in Pirate World.

Additionally, a power cabin system will increase resource earnings. This enables players to recruit new crew members and unlock more rare ships with high-rarety energy retrofits.

Pirate Keys

In a world transformed by AI, Ethero Caspain must rally his crew of degen pirates to search for the ultimate treasure: a key that may unlock interdimensional travel.

Drip Studios’ “Pirates of the Metaverse” are 10,000 digitally unique NFTs embarking on an extraordinary journey across three blockchain dimensions (Ethereum, Solana and Flow). Each unique Pirate will exist simultaneously in 3D, 2D and Pixel Art formats across all three dimensions with identical metadata but distinct art styles.


The Metaverse is a virtual universe that integrates various digital technologies such as video conferencing, networking, and live streaming.

It strives to make meetings more interesting and exciting by connecting people from around the world. This can create more dynamic workplaces with higher employee engagement levels.

In the metaverse, attendees can create avatars and engage with others in a 3D environment. This provides them with an immersive feeling of being part of the event for real, which may enhance ticket sales as well as attendees’ experiences.

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