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6 Best VR Worlds to Visit in Metaverse NEW 2023 **

6 Best VR Worlds to Visit in Metaverse NEW 2023 **

January 16, 2023 05:52
6 Best VR Worlds to Visit in Metaverse NEW 2023 **



6 Best VR Worlds to Visit in the Metaverse

There are many different VR worlds to visit in the Metaverse, which is the world of virtual reality. You can choose from a variety of different themes, and explore everything that is available to you. Here is a list of some of the best ones to visit if you are interested in learning about this immersive environment.

Horizon Worlds

Meta’s Horizon Worlds is a virtual reality app. It is similar to Roblox, where users can create their own virtual worlds and play with others.

Designed to simulate a social experience, Horizon is a virtual reality application that’s accessible through an augmented reality headset. Users can navigate through a user-generated world, meet up with friends, and even join a party.

The company says it is working on improvements for the platform. A spokesman said the company continues to believe in the future of computing, and that metaverses are the way of the future.

In fact, the spokesman said the company is taking a multiyear approach to improving the metaverse.


Illuvium is a new blockchain game, based on the Ethereum network, that is billed as the first AAA game on the blockchain. It is currently in development and plans to launch in the first quarter of 2022.

Unlike other metaverse games, Illuvium is set in a persistent 3D universe. It has a variety of elements, including Illuvials, which are deity-like creatures that can be combined into powerful avatars. The game also has an open-world setting, which allows players to explore the entire virtual environment.

Players take on the role of a hunter, who must collect and capture the strange obelisks on the planet. Once they have captured them, they can use the obelisks to fast travel.


Decentraland is a 3D virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. It offers players the chance to build, buy, and explore their own virtual environments. The site is free to use and has several features that are sure to captivate.

Metaverse is a kind of virtual reality world where users build and share digital assets with each other. These assets are used to make and buy things, such as virtual furniture, virtual jewelry, and virtual buildings. This type of activity is very similar to what you would do in the real world.

Decentraland allows users to build their own virtual environments by purchasing plots of land. These virtual real estate parcels can be bought with the currency called MANA. They can then be built upon later.

Somnium space

Somnium space is an open source virtual reality world that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It offers a community-driven environment for participants to interact, design and create their own VR experiences.

Somnium Space combines blockchain technology with an asset marketplace to allow users to tokenize their avatars, wearables, digital land parcels and other virtual assets. By tokenizing these items, players can sell or buy them as they would any other item.

Somnium space has a strong economy and supports full ownership of your digital property. You can also purchase land parcels to create a virtual home. Currently, there are about 5,000 land parcels in the Somnium space.


Metaverse is a virtual world that allows you to interact with others. It can be accessed through a wide range of technologies.

You can create an avatar to use in the metaverse, and you can customize it. There is also a virtual marketplace to buy and sell items.

Aside from being a social platform, the metaverse also offers a variety of games. For instance, players can visit a restaurant and bar in Dead Space VR. They can also defend against monsters in Minecraft.


RobotEra is an innovative community-based project that is offering players an immersive experience. In this VR world, users will be transformed into Robots and have the chance to explore seven continents and a rich virtual environment.

Players can build structures, mine resources, interact with others, and share their experiences in this immersive world. They can also participate in community-wide events and earn rewards.

Players are able to create their own avatars and interact with others in the game. Using their native cryptocurrency, users can purchase items and services, such as in-game items, land parcels, and virtual land parcels.

RobotEra has a native currency called TARO. This token is currently priced at $0.02. The TARO token will increase in value through three presale stages. It has a fixed supply of 1.8 billion tokens.

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