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Metaverse Egg How To Get A Metaverse Egg In Roblox NEW 2022**

Metaverse Egg How To Get A Metaverse Egg In Roblox NEW 2022**

April 8, 2022 11:43
Metaverse Egg How To Get A Metaverse Egg In Roblox NEW 2022**



How to Get a Metaverse Egg in Roblox

Metaverse Egg

You’ve heard about the Metaverse Egg before, but do you know how to get it? You need to play Metaverse Champions, the main hub game, to unlock the nonexistence egg. To collect this egg, you need 11 players. The egg must be on a glowing tile. Thankfully, there are some tricks to get this rare gem. Here are some of the best:

Metaverse Egg Hunt

The full title of the upcoming Metaverse Egg Hunt is “Into the Multiverse – Radio Egg.” As it turns out, this is very similar to the name of the previous year’s event. The event, which takes place from March 31 to May 20, will reward players for playing over 180 different games in Roblox. As a bonus, the missions and badges awarded are also unique, which is quite nice. The following are the things you can expect from this year’s egg hunt.

Roblox players know that the Easter egg hunt is a tradition, but this year’s event looks to be a “Metaverse” affair, and will span across many of their favorite games. The exact release date is still unknown, but we’re sure to hear more about it soon. There’s also a new event for 2021 – the Metaverse Champions Event. The goal of this event is to collect a variety of different items and get the chance to win some of them.

How To Get Metaverse Egg

If you’re looking for a rare dragon, you’ll want to know how to get a Metaverse Egg in Roblox. The egg itself is purple, fades to blue, and has pink, yellow, and purple scales. It can only be hatched 30 seconds after laying it. The egg is obtained only after completing a quest for Fey. The chance of hatching a Fayrah, which is “super rare”, is 2.5%. However, if you’re looking to obtain a Rocirus or Saurium, the chance is 48.8%.

For a Metaverse Egg, you must complete the event for all four champions and unlock all of their chests. After completing the event, you’ll receive a special item for that champion. You can’t get it immediately, but it’s worth the effort and the time to find it! It’s like an Easter Egg Hunt in Roblox. It’s a fun way to earn Roblox coins!

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