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Motley Fool Metaverse ? What Is Motley Fool Metaverse ?

Motley Fool Metaverse ? What Is Motley Fool Metaverse ?

November 8, 2022 06:07
Motley Fool Metaverse ? What Is Motley Fool Metaverse ?



Motley Fool Metaverse

Motley Fool Metaverse

Motley Fool Metaverse

Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF

The Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) focusing on the metaverse. It tracks the performance of the Ball Metaverse Index, which is managed by a team of experts. The Ball Metaverse Index is comprised of the leading companies across various categories within the metaverse.

The fund invests in the shares of companies connected to the metaverse, including those that provide virtual platform services. The companies in this sector include virtual reality, computing, networking, and hardware companies. The fund invests at least 80% of its net assets in these companies. It is a non-diversified ETF, which means its performance will be largely non-correlated to that of other sectors.

The metaverse is a developing concept. In addition to Roundhill Ball, ProShares has recently launched the VERS Metaverse ETF.


The stock of Qualcomm is currently down about 60% year to date. While the stock’s P/E ratio is among the lowest among the FAANG stocks, the company is still relatively cheap at just over eleven times enterprise value. Qualcomm is best known for its chipsets for smartphones, but it also has a crucial role in the transition to 5G. In addition, Qualcomm has crucial partnerships with Meta Platforms.

In addition to providing semiconductors for Oculus VR goggles, Qualcomm is working with Microsoft to power its AR glasses. This technology enables holographic images to be displayed in a virtual environment. This partnership offers Qualcomm investors an underrated opportunity in a growing market. In its first half of fiscal 2022, Qualcomm saw a 35% revenue boost, while its net income increased by more than 50%. Meanwhile, its cost and expense growth was held at a relatively moderate 22%.

As the company’s sales are largely driven by the IoT segment, Qualcomm is poised for a huge boost. The company’s IoT segment alone generates 17 percent of its total revenue, a 40 percent increase from last year. Its mobile phone segment makes up the other two-thirds of its revenue. This massive growth is still not priced in, so the stock isn’t fully valued at current levels. In fact, the stock is currently valued at just 19% of its profit.

Unity Software

Unity is a software company that specializes in tools for creating 3D games. It is also used in architecture and film. The company has been the market leader in the video game industry. The company has recently acquired Weta Digital, which makes software used in making the Lord of the Rings trilogy and various Godzilla films. The acquisition will open the software up to millions of developers and further expand its market.

The company produces tools for creating 3D worlds for mobile devices, PCs, and VR and AR. It is one of the most important companies in the metaverse. Although its shares have been falling since going public in 2015, they are still cheap compared to other software companies. Their revenue grew 43% last quarter.

With the growing popularity of virtual reality games and other types of entertainment, Unity Software is a prime company to invest in. The company offers virtual reality and augmented reality solutions that are used in a variety of industries.

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