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Will Smith Metaverse NEW 2022 **

Will Smith Metaverse NEW 2022 **

October 13, 2022 09:08
Will Smith Metaverse NEW 2022 **



Will Smith and the Metaverse

In the upcoming film, Will Smith, an actor, rapper, and film producer, enters the metaverse, an iteration of the internet that supports persistent, online 3-D virtual environments. Players can create their own avatars, perform real-life tasks, and interact with other players. They can use conventional personal computers or virtual reality headsets to participate in the game.




The metaverse is an immersive version of the internet in the future, with users interacting with 3D avatars. Several crypto firms are developing metaverse-related products and services. One of these companies is Everyrealm. The company expects that NFT assets will be a major part of the metaverse, spanning several spaces. For instance, the Weeknd has released NFTs on multiple marketplaces. Other notable NFT projects include Hilton, which recently partnered with The Sandbox and Autograph.

Will Smith

The American actor, rapper and film producer, Will Smith, is entering the metaverse. This virtual environment is an iteration of the internet that allows players to create and participate in persistent online 3-D games. In these games, players can model themselves, perform real-life tasks, and interact with friends. These games can be played with conventional personal computers or virtual reality headsets.

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony Will Smith and others are backing a virtual world called the metaverse. Everyrealm is a metaverse developer and investor that has raised $62.5 million in Series A funding from celebrity investors. The company is already attracting big names, including Nas, Lil Baby, and Gene Simmons.

Miye Oni

If you have never heard of the metaverse before, it is a virtual world that lets you interact with your avatar and make transactions with them. In addition, there are thousands of NFTs and metaverse land developments. In the past, the metaverse was mostly a concept, but now the company is making real-world applications. Everyrealm has recently raised $62.5 million in funding from top-level investors such as The Weeknd and Marc Anthony. Moreover, NBA player Miye Oni and hip hop artist NAV have also invested in the metaverse.

Pro Logic

It’s possible that the blockchain could play a huge role in this metaverse. The blockchain can be used to manage content and transactions, and ensure user privacy and integrity. This is especially useful in an environment where users can share data.

Hannah Bronfman

In the recent months, the metaverse has gained tremendous interest. It has even attracted high-profile investors. Many Hollywood personalities, including Will Smith and the Weeknd, have invested in the project. Other high-profile investors include Hannah Bronfman, Miye Oni, and Marc Anthony. The company has also drawn the interest of Paris Hilton and KISS guitarist Genetics Simmons.


A new video titled “Will Smith Steps into the Metaverse” features the American actor, rapper, and film producer stepping into the digital world of the metaverse. The metaverse is an iteration of the internet that supports persistent online 3-D virtual environments. It allows players to create and model their image within the virtual environment, perform real-world tasks, and connect with friends. Players can access the metaverse using conventional personal computers or virtual reality headsets.

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